Introducing Northern California’s newest distributor of fine wines: VNO. Based on a commitment to provide only the most exciting artisan producers, VNO has placed a focus on terrior-driven wines of exceptional quality and value. We take pride in the contents of each and every bottle not merely as a wine, but indeed an experience. With the satiation of the discerning palate in mind, we offer you the selections of VNO. Cheers.

For over 300 years, the Scarpone family has maintained farms and vineyards in Guardia Vomano, Abruzzo, and in fact, has a "contrada" (suburb) named for them. Lorenzo Scarpone was one of six siblings who grew up and worked on the family farm here. When the opportunity arose to purchase an ideally-situated 15 acres of land and olive grove, with the potential of planting a 5 acre vineyard on the hillside across the river from Guardia Vomano, Lorenzo and his family jumped at the chance. His wife and sister have renovated the farmhouse into a very comfortable 4 bedroom "agriturismo", with spectacular views of rolling farmland, the snow-capped Gran Sasso and the blue waters of the Adriatic.

Always passionate about food and wine, Lorenzo went to a prestigious restaurant and hotel school in Giulianova, Abruzzo and opened a top quality seafood restaurant on the Adriatic coast with his chef brother, Marcello. Anxious to see the world, Lorenzo worked on several international luxury cruise liners, and in top Italian restaurants in London (to perfect his English!). Lorenzo followed his mentor, renowned restaurateur Giancarlo Paterlini, to San Francisco, and worked for him as manager and sommelier at the landmark, Donatello Restaurant. Here Lorenzo married his wife Susy, and began raising their three children. Anxious to maintain his ties with his extended family in Abruzzo, and to bring the wonderful food and wines of his home region to the U.S., Lorenzo established Villa Italia in 1989 as an Italian wine importing company. Villa Italia represents some of the finest terrior-driven wines of Italy and has become a leader in its category, know for exceptional quality and value, importing the wines of some 37 artisan winemakers to the U.S.